Company History

IRON SWORD was formed by Greg Louks in the fall of 2009 and opened its doors in January 2010—a start-up construction firm in the midst of the Great Recession and the most toxic environment endured by the construction industry in decades. Despite the uphill climb, IRON SWORD steadily added to its ranks and its portfolio to stand today as a recognized leader in construction management due to its unique leadership, problem-solving solutions, and unyielding integrity.

From Soldier to Innovator...

A farm boy hailing from the Iron Range of northern Minnesota, Greg joined the Army as a Private and before long found himself standing as the First Captain of the Corps of Cadets at West Point. After a training injury forced his medical separation from the Army, Greg returned to West Point to serve with its Association of Graduates, where he tasked himself with paying back his country for the life-changing investment it made in him. Through his 14 years there, Greg oversaw more than $250 million in private funds raised for the Academy's Bicentennial Campaign and crafted a breakthrough process through which he successfully brought over $125 million in privately-funded building projects to a timely and on-budget conclusion. Entrepreneur

After leaving the AOG, Greg seized the opportunity to create a company that would stand out and succeed in a challenging market by differentiating itself in the construction industry through competence and character. IRON SWORD was started with that dream--a company whose actions declared that without integrity, all is lost. This approach—to always do right even when it hurts—has succeeded and the evidence is in its people, its projects, its relationships, and its reputation.