Leading. Innovating. Building.

Simply put, IRON SWORD leverages its people, processes and position to deliver successful construction and development projects ranging over $300 million. IRON SWORD has never claimed to have a corner on the market of innovation, but its committed and direct military-influenced leadership approach has proven effective whether its role is the Owner/Developer, Owner’s Representative, Prime Contractor, Construction Manager, Project Executive or Program Manager.

Construction Management - Contracting & Consulting

IRON SWORD acts both as a Prime Contractor and an Executive Construction Manager on projects throughout the Northeast US, but mainly focused in NYS from all 5 NYC boroughs up to Canandaigua, NY.

As a Construction Manager, IRON SWORD directs all design and construction components performed by the various architectural, engineering, and construction firms involved on its clients' renovation or ground-up construction projects which range from youth camps to high-rise residences to cutting-edge research facilities.

As a Contractor, IRON SWORD has been an active federal construction prime since 2010, completing dozens of projects in that capacity across the Northeast US. These bonded projects have covered medical, residential, professional and site facilities and included design-build, fast-track, confined site operations, secure facility, historical preservation, infectious control, phased construction, and value-engineering components. 


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